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With my hands I gently pull your thighs apart whilst I kiss them and gently remove your panties. I let my mouth float down to your pussy lips and my t...ngue teases them apart as it flicked, like a snake seeking out your clitoris, until it hits that pink button again and again and until you moan out in joy. My tongue laps you hard and carve a groove in your cunt. The saliva starts to be replaced by the wetness from your pussy. My tongue delves deeper all the time twisting and turning until my. Most go out looking for a virgin to marry. Tim did that with his first wife. She was a woman who saved herself for her wedding night, so she told poor Tim. It turned out she was a party girl like me, who kept it from him and after she had a child, and his best friend told me that Tim never knew that it was not his. If the wife and child had not been killed in an auto accident, in time he might have found out. After the child came and up until they were killed, she let Tim know that she didn't. Dax said that she was worried I might not make it for a little bit, so I can only imagine how close you came to drawing your last breath.”“Stop it, Kal, you’re the reason he’s like this,” Rose growled, her teeth lengthening as she glared at the human.“I’m also the reason, he’s alive now.”The dog girl’s teeth retracted but her lips stayed curled into a snarl until the old wizard rested his hand on her head.“Peace, Rose, it was my decision to do this. Kal expressly said that he was uncomfortable. I sucked all kinds of cock that day! Some big some small, some black, white and brown, some cut, others not, one guy even had a foreskin that was as long as his small dick! I sucked his foreskin and jerked him off until he came, his cum oozing out the end of his long foreskin! That load I sucked out, and let it run out of mouth onto my chest! Another guy had me rim him for a bit, telling me how he just got out of the sauna and kept asking me how I liked the smell and taste of his sweaty ass! It.

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