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After a short time, I became bored looking at the never-ending products for girls and I was halfway through the bottle. I had a filthy thought come my mind. I’d always been curious about anal sex. I never wanted a man to penetrate me there, just in case I disappointed him, but I’d always had this fetish about having something up my bum.I typed “Butt Plug” into the search box and within seconds I was presented with a few pages of wonderful looking toys. I particularly liked the polished. I glance at my watch it's 12:30 pm; I feel butterflies in my stomach. My phone dings, a message from my lover, 'can you take a naughty picture for me before you leave?' He asks.I pull the neck of my T-shirt down below my breasts and take a picture. They look quite big on the picture; 36C soft, milky white and kissable. I send it to Joe.'Better?' I ask. I then re-adjust my top back to how it is supposed to be.'I love your boobs!!' He replies. I laugh quietly to myself.'Are you leaving work yet?'. Miko shuddered visibly at his words and bowed her head in shame.Marcus looked around the tiny room and saw that there were some handwritten labels written in Japanese script on a couple of the filing boxes.Marcus decided to change his tactics. He pointed at the labels. “What, Miko are these labels, why are they written in Japanese? What do you think you are doing? This is an English firm; we don’t have our files covered in this scribble. Explain yourself”.Miko burst into tears; her written. She didn’t say anything.The photoshoot continued and I took many sexy pics of my sibling and asked her to change into a red Satin mini-skirt. Now, she didn’t mind me seeing her changing her dress as she knew that I already saw her half nude. All this time, I was having a boner and at last, I somehow convinced her to wear a two-piece green bikini.My sis wore it and I took a couple of pics. That was when I noticed some of her pussy hair bulging out of her bikini bottom. Instead of telling her to.

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