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I must of passed out again as the day became night and i was still there hung like a piece of meat on the hook now there were to mouths suckling on my...breasts i came to as i felt another arm in me to bring on a further orgasm how many had i had whilst i was knocked out cold. Then i darkness came again to my eyes as tried to fight it too late i feared. Morning arose me with me laying in a bed covered with a sheet on a floor what had happened i wanted answers but didn’t really want to know as i. As she turned her head back she let the towel drop to the floor revealing her olive tanned back and purely perfect ass. It was all I had imagined those few minutes before and better. Georgia turned and showed her breasts and unshaven pussy, we made eye contact and held it until she held her hands on her shoulders. My eyes followed her hands as they lowered onto her breasts and then across her stomach, they continued down to her pussy. One hand running through her pubic hair and the other. The show had exactly the same plot line, and even the same characters, but somehow each version was a little different. He watched the latest two episodes because he had missed the previous episode. That was the beauty of the online TV shows, they were all there waiting for me. That and the variety of the offerings. there was everything from gold mining in Greenland show to a show about chasing big foot. There were docudramas, as well as the scripted TV shows from all over the world. ‘What are. . house.” Marian let that hang.Flossie sighed. “Nathan has been helping me paint on Saturdays, before they go fishing. The girls read books while we paint.”“I see,” said Marian. “They did not inform me of this.”“I was afraid of that,” said Flossie. “I suspect they thought they would have been forbidden.”“That is likely quite true - they would have,” said Marian. “However, that will no longer be the case. I’ll have them look in on you from time to time, if that’s all right.”“They are wonderful.

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