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I was really enjoying myself and Valeries responses told me that she was too. Nowhere near an orgasm for either of us, yet, but building towards one f...r both of us. I looked at Pete and Grace and realised that Graces dress was now on the floor around her feet, and Petes hands were now exploring her mound and her cunt lips, in fact Grace seemed to be very close to her first orgasm of the night. I wondered what would happen if someone else got in the lift with us, but no one did. When the lift. And, of course, dad, who mostly got his dick sucked. But at least he listened.Tonight, I was holding nude Candice close, Mickey was wearing tiny windmills in her piercings and Jenny was proudly displaying her tiny scar below her navel. Mom was serving everyone, tonight dressed as a Vegas cocktail waitress. Marie – bless her heart – was giving dad all the oral pleasure he could ask for. We were all listening to Jenny, whose logical mind -- diminished only a little until she graduated -- was. At this point i was so horny that i knew i had to fuck my girl that night. After talking for a few min about the movie that i didn't really pay attention to, she stood up and at the same time dropped the remote right in front of her feet. As i looked over to her, she stood up and bent over to grab it from the floor, I had finally got my glance at her tits. They were small tits but with huge round aureolas that almost covered her whole breast. Although it was a quick glance, i knew i had got. He was the one who started it, as she knew he would. His hand started wondering up and down her thigh as she chatted, putting her off what she was saying. She started blushing, as he laughed at her. "I've got something I need to tell you" he confided in her, pulling her close. He moved his mouth up to her ear, as if to whisper into it, and slowly, yet out of sight of the casual glancer, licked her ear lightly, whilst continuing his exploration of her thigh, moving tantalising closer to where.

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