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Dropping her other hand she started massaging her lips swelling from desire. She could feel the desire building, holding back was hard like her clit. ...ot having been with a man she slipped one long graceful finger inside of her velvety pussy. She started moving her hips back and forth. As she played with her clit she was inserting her finger she was to tight for anymore. Closing her eyes she kept up the pleasure seeking motions. She felt a presence but didn’t move. She was to deeply involved. Jess felt so relieved as he pulled his monster cock from her ruined ass but before she knew it he rammed it in her again.now lubed with the other mans creamy cum the brute began to thrust much faster than he had before and suprised, jess found the pain subside a little and she began to feel the pleasures of a full ass.the man in her mouth began thrusting harder until he couldnt resist any longer.he forced the now exhausted jess's head into his groin spilling his seed down her throat.jess felt. ” I declared that I had felt nothing, and he looked a little disappointed. “Most ladies who hold her report a strange stirring sensation.” The carving felt warm in my hand and despite the fact that it was made from some sort of stone, its texture felt soft and yielding like human flesh. It was what I imagined a woman to be like when sexually aroused and ready for penetration. The old man stood looking at me, waiting. Once having the figurine in my grasp, I found myself reluctant to let her go.. Her words not only stretched his ego but also stretched his cock. He rolled her onto her back to enter her but she told him that she wanted to be on top. “My bum is sore.” She said. Roy understood and rolled onto his back. He expected her to climb on top of him with her face towards him but no; she turned her back to him and mounted him that way. He couldn’t remember girls doing that when he was an eighteen year old, neither could he remember the last time any woman had mounted him that way. .

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