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The brave party ventured into tunnels deep, away from Sun into darkness’ creep. Brave and doughty, they ventured forth...”Chaun drummed at his lyr... as he rode his mare, composing the epic verses of Angela’s dangerous quest. Fame seemed Chaun’s motivation. He had lost his position at court because of the scandal involving a princess. The Bardic College of Az, who trained him, had denied Chaun the right to use his skills. He lusted to regain what he lost. I suppose being part of Angela’s quest to. “Come here” - he order, his voice was firm and confident. I started to walk but he stopped me.“Crawl” I slowly started to do it, beginning to understand my rol, to accept it, to embrace my submissive side."Well, well, look at you, you little whore.... Back for more of my cock, you little bitch?"I was stunned, he was so rough, so lustful, I could the moist between my legs growing."I want to suck your hard cock again." I whispered sweetly, almost feeling ashamedHe smiled, and beckoned wickedly.. My breathing was now hard and fast as he undid my jeans he began to kiss me, kiss my neck, then my chest then my stomach he was now on his knees and my jeans were around my ankles, what the hell is he doing I wondered? I’m up here (don’t forget all I’d really done up to now was neck with girls and had the odd hand job)He looked up at me and smiled, and then he took my cock into his mouth, “Oh?” I thought so that’s what ---- “Oh! OOHH!” This was so new it was amazing the way my stomach tightened. The more I thought about it the stronger these feeling’s became and I started to really develop my fantasy. I created an account on xhamster and started to pursue my dream. It wasn’t long before I made contact with someone who lived miles away from me and I thought nothing would happen. I gave him my email address and telephone number. I knew him only as Master and he called me Debbie. He would phone me and tell me what he wanted to do to me. He aid he wanted to own me and make me his property.

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