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Lying at Shari's side after a particularly exhausting session, she said to me, "You know you could go back to your wife now and she would never leave ...ou. You're good. Hell, you're great!" Shari, I will never go back to her. I think I am falling in love with you. I would like to think you have some love for me as well. I know I'm so much older than you so I won't be asking for a life-time commitment. I'm just so glad I stopped and gave you a hand last June. I was running away from a person that. He returned it with vigor, and would have slid his hands down from her back to her ass, but something stopped him. Probably not gonna make a move tonight he thought to himself. Doesn't feel right, somehow.Instead he led her to the car, held the door for her, and kissed her on the cheek before moving around to his door, his movements smooth but his libido dimmed.Cassie, however, was feeling horny. During the performance, she moved her hand under the program into his lap, curling it around his. He never looked at me once. "Chris told them what he heard when Dad was doing it to me. Chris looked at me, he loves me. I was going to tell everybody that Chris was lying and that I did what Dad said I did. I didn't want Dad to stay in jail, we needed Dad to pay the bills. But the lawyer was real tricky. He tricked me into telling the truth. About what Dad did to me. I hate him. He made me feel like a little girl. I was a woman and he made me feel like a little girl. I knew I was. She loved that and he knew it.After her second orgasm he withdrew and she went to all fours for a furious doggy–position mutual-orgasm finale. They rolled to their sides and he stayed embedded while his love tool shrank, reluctant to leave that pleasureful place. He gave her another kiss after he dressed and left. She lounged there for a while reliving the sensations of the morning, rubbing herself with fingers coated with the spend of two men. She often had thoughts of gratitude for nature.

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