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" She slowly sat back up as she watched him stand up to meet her. He was standing, fully clothed just inches from her. She smiled as she looked into h...s eyes. As she tried to undo Greg's belt, she was surprised when he stopped her. Greg could see the look of disappointment in Jolene's eyes when he placed a hand on hers to stop her from going further. He leaned in to kiss her lips, knowing that it was the first time that she tasted her own juices on a man's lips. Hearing her moan through the. My cock throbs as it spurts wave after wave ofcum down Susan's throat.She sucks me clean, and my cock goes limp before she releases me andstands up.I expect her to snow ball me, but she starts releasing me from myrestraints."Thank you, Mistress," I whisper with tear filled eyes. She smiles andcaresses my face.I know deep in my heart I just experienced something very special, and awave of emotion almost overwhelms me.Chapter 92Susan walks me to the bathroom and warms up the shower for me. To. She had been trying her best to tell herself that life was going great, but deep down she knew she was lying to herself. Melissa grabbed her iphone checking the time seeing it wasn't even 3PM yet. It would be at least another 3 hours until her boyfriend Greg would be home.Melissa and Greg were high school sweethearts. They met after being put together to work on a group project in one of their classes, which led to a few years of dating, and now just a few months after high school, they made. I prayed to myself that I should not cum till she wanted. I placed a pillow under my back to give her the advantage of sucking me deep and long. Her cunt was right over my face. I began with licking the outsides of her pussy which was wet and smelling of her sex juices. I felt sorry for David who had missed out on this gorgeous woman’s assets and so also the natural talent of being a sensuous lover in bed. Cynthia was holding my dick and sucking it with very even and gradual sucks. Her hair.

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