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Evelin gave Sophia a peck on the lips. “My turn.” I watched as the girls switched places, with Evelin sitting down on the seat and Sophia getting ...o her knees in front of her. Sophia seemed to lick Evelin’s pussy differently. She was more about sucking on Evelin’s clit and sucking her pussy lips. She seemed rougher than Evelin was. It was certainly doing something to Evelin. Evelin’s back arched as she grabbed her own breasts and squeezed them. I could see her body start to shake and she looked. Beaming, she tripped into the bedroom to check herself out in the full-length mirror on her closet door.Gazing at the reflection in the glass, she saw that she looked good! The (perhaps not so gaudy) sandals made her long, tanned legs seem even longer, like they went all the way up to her neck. Turning, she saw how the heels shaped her calves, making even her skinny little butt look good.At least, she thought as she faced the mirror once more, the shoes helped draw attention away from her. She lightly kissed the toe and then took it between her pursed lips. Then I felt the slight pressure and warmth of her mouth's suction."Jennifer I do believe this new wench may work out after all," I said and looked up to again meet Jennifer's eye. "But I am not going to have time to train her and provide food both. I want you to do it. You know my needs and how I expect my slaves to behave. She is your responsibility for however long it takes. I don't want you to spare any punishment just. This time you did not, you kept up steady pressure until the plugwas fully in. I moaned against the gag at the last moment as the pain shotthrough me. You pushed on the base a few times to be sure it was in all theway and then you massaged my cheeks roughly. I could sense you standing behind me. My sex was dripping with desire foryou. I heard you walk around me then you told me to kneel up. As I did youmassaged my face gently with your fingers as you cupped it in both hands. Icould hear the.

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