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The hair on the teachers legs scratched viciously at her tongue as she worked her way up to his thighs. Getting past his thighs she arrived at his but...ocks. More hesitantly she licked around the globes coming nearer to the slit in the middle. Her tongue lightly touched the taste of shit as she grew closer to his ass hole. Suddenly she dug her face into his as cheeks and sucked on his ass hole. "Mmm tha's nice, stay like that for a while..." Mr. Taylor said. After over a half an hour of sucking. As I entered a booth I noticed an older man that was in the hallway enter the both next to mine.I dropped some tokens and found a hot movie to watch. I quickly removed my jeans and sweat shirt revealing my black lace body stocking, rock hard cock and big cum filled balls. Before I had a chance to stoke my cock I saw a finger in the glory hole motioning for my cock. I felt like a pro now knowing what a glory hole was and the protocol to indicate you wanted your cock sucked. This made me stick my. As she approached I stood up and we had a friendly hug. It is not unknown in those circumstances for people to shake hands, and although that may look perfectly normal to the other people around, I find it a bit strange.We sat down and she declined my offer of a drink, but had a sip of my beer.“Shall we go upstairs?” I asked quietly, and she said, “Sure,” and stood up. I sensed that she, like me, liked what she saw and it just verified what we had learned about each other by email.It was a. " Uhmm may be", replied Lexi, "so do I take it you really wanna dothis?" Well it is kinda exciting. Afterall we wanted to be accepted intothe scene and now we will be."Kelly interrupted, "baby looking like you two you could be the scene." Come on Lexi what do you say. It would really make this a birthdayto remember for you".Lexi grinned cheekily, "well I think it is already that honey. Ah whythe hell not."With both girlyboys laughing Kelly and Sue joined in, giving them bothhugs as a welcome.

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