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I stared at them, realizing something. The agony still surged through me, aching every part of my body. But I resisted it. “You must really want to ...um.”“So badly, my pet,” she moaned, wiggling beneath me. “I love cumming.”“And I’ll let you cum,” I grinned at her, rubbing my fingers together. “I’ll let you cum on my cock. I know that’s what you want.”“No, no, you’re my pet,” she objected, confusion flicking across her face. “I command you to make me cum.”The pain flared through me.I snarled and. Glowing red eyes that indicated their owner’s ability to see in complete darkness widened in surprise then narrowed in annoyance as they inspected the farmer.“Do you have a death wish human?” said a gruff but noticeably feminine voice.“N-n-no,” stuttered the young man, fear keeping him rooted in place despite his mind telling him to run in terror.“Then why have you returned? You’ll be receiving no more gifts from me, my charity only goes so far,” She said.The young man’s eyes widened, “No ma’am. .. brutal." Alistair nodded."That's an understatement. And that's yet another reason she deserves someone other than me. Her past ... she was taught that she is there only to please someone else. She will never put her own needs, her own pleasure first. And I ... well, you know how the Chantry is, Leliana. I was very naive when we met. I don't have the knowledge to ... to ... teach her that she is wrong. I get so caught up in what I'm feeling when we're together, and then I just ... Look, she. We met on a friday afternoon we talked I said that it was a good offer but would have to talk to my wife.he said he could come back that night to talk to us both about it.Oh he was a very large black man about 6.6 and about 280 but not fat n Very big hands.When my wife got home i told her that he was comming back latter that night and this could be the time we had talked about,and to put something sexey on that showed her sexey body we would see what happens She said ok but dont count on it,.

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