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She watched him stand under hooded lids and was almost aware, through her clouded pleasure pain haze, of him moving off behind her. She felt the round...d smooth end of a large butt-plug being pushed at her greased behind and groaned as it was forcefully shoved deep inside her, stretching her hole into a ring of flames and filling her ass with an almost uncomfortable pressure.Then the caning began.He started with short light blows on her ass till she felt a warm glow begin to emanate from the. They were a bit off, but I knew these two–if there was anyone within earshot, my girls' impassioned screams and cries would be heard! "Let's go down the beach a bit before we start snacking. I saw some rocks over this way that will give us some privacy!" I told the girls. We walked the short distance to a small rock outcropping and once there, found a charming little sandy spot that gave us nearly complete coverage–only a small part of the beach was visible from the water."This will be perfect.. "I met a girl in one of myclasses. She is terrific. I want to invite her over."I think Jake and I both nearly fell down in relief."You can invite friends over," I told her. "This is your place too." Yeah, I just need to know so, you know," Jake added."Well, that's the thing," she kind of ducked away, "see, I think shewould be great for Jake." Huh?" I asked."Jen, I appreciate it," Jake went on. "But things didn't work out toowell last time for me and I don't know if I am ready to trust anyone. I don't know . Never had a guy ,, a girl .. like you blow me . I said try it . You might like it and if you don't no harm no foul . He pulled out his cock . Average 7-12 thick and I thought I'd better make this worth his while as I really wanted that nut . It was not long before I had him on the brink and he stopped me . Turned out he did not want to cum just yet . He look at my dildo sitting next to me and it made him wonder what els I could do so he asked . Do you take all of that . I.

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