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Her pussy was dripping fluid. ‘Slave, I am going to wake you. You will remember our having sexual intercourse and you will know you were hypnotized...and the hypnosis facilitated the sex. The thought of the sex will be pleasing. You like the idea that you are being controlled sexually. We will sleep together tonight and tomorrow we will fly to a meeting where I will demonstrate my control over you. That is the basis for the payment of five hundred thousand that I made to your husband. You will. You wore a black v-neck cashmere sweater that hugged your arms, shoulders, and chest. The sight of you left me breathless. In our nervousness, neither of us could stop talking. You babbled about comics you loved. We argued over the quality of light in John Singer Sargent and Albert Bierstadt works. Your leg bounced against the table as my heart bounded across my chest. The table at which we sat -- the same at which we sit this evening -- is one I salvaged and restored, sanding the gouges,. I brought out the bottle of whisky. I filled both the glasses and asked her to have one, she got confused, I insisted to have it and she would enjoy after effects. She took it, after she took the glass I poured another she took it immediately, after that she had a kick. Then I took couple of more glasses. The heat started to generate, now I opened her shirt pants and her bra panties. I made her nude, she unbuttoned mine, we kissed each other. After sometimes both of us went to bedroom. I took a. I ate my lunch and kept thinking about the letter from Kayla. I got up from my table and walked up to Kayla sitting with her friends. She looked up at me and said ‘Hi’. I was nervous as hell but decided to ask her to the prom. I handed her the short letter I received and asked her, ‘Kayla, would you like to go to the prom with me?’ She read the short letter and looked over at my friends who yelled out ‘April fool, Rob’. I didn’t look at them and stood my ground looking at Kayla. Her friends.

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