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"Oh, it DOES feel good," Kathy gasped as she felt the producer's steaming balls rub against her soft, downy ass."Shit You're one hell of a butt-fuck!"...Bob panted as he started hunching his as back and forth. He rammed his shit- slicked dick in and out of her ass-hole. Kathy silently agreed with him. All pain had died away, replaced by a sensation of fullness and delight. They mingled with the contractions that rippled through her cunt. Together they made her body jerk and buck with a sexual. “I do and love you fucking me last and eating lots of different cream pie. You have the love of three fantastic women in Karen, Wendy and me. I think Lisa loves you more compared to Shirley.”“Unlike Karen, I don’t need the affection of several men at once to feel more alive. I guess I shouldn’t have said it like that. I feel quite alive being in love with you and having our babies.”“I’ll admit, Karen does love her cock sucking and fucking with different men and I like to watch her but I don’t. " She said softly as she felt me. I got harder as she explored my length. "Oh, my." Yeah." Put it in me, okay?" Sure. You ready?" Yeah." She rolled over on her back, still holding me and I awkwardly got between her legs and let her position me against her wiry hairs. "Just put it in."I pressed against her still dry pussy and she stroked my dick up and down against herself a moment and I could feel the moisture and she reached around with her other hand and pulled me against her. I felt the head. Having no lube we went to the kitchen and got some vegetable oil. He greased his dick and my hole. We got in the floor and I put my ass up in the air excitedly waiting for him to be inside of me. He got a little bit of his head in but his dick was too short to fuck me doggystyle. So I got on my back and spread my legs. He got between them and with one good thrust he was inside me. His cock felt so good. I loved watching his massive belly go back and forth as he thrusted. As he fucked me he.

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