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"Um, uh, well, yeah, kind of, a little."I knew she was now going to tell my parents and that life, my life, was essentially over."Well, I've been about what you and Stevie were doing and I think it's something I should tell your parents about." Oh, please don't do that. They would be pretty upset and, well, I'd be in a huge amount of trouble, please, I'll never do it again," I promised.She sat there silent for a minute as I felt my whole life ending, then she said, quietly, "Well,. “Like, how far? How was it? How did it feel? Did you feel him, too?”Sia smiled to herself. She wondered what her friends would say if she told them about what Dad and her had done last night. They’d never believe her. Then, a thought struck her. What if they really knew? What if they reported it? It brought home how important it was to keep it a secret.“ ... and he touched my breast over my sweater when we kissed! He was so careful it was cute.”“Did it make you horny?” Lara probed.“Yeah!”The. Anyway I didn’t seemed to have missed much of the action, Nisha and Priya were still examining Sunil’s cock. It was huge and black. Priya then made Sunil stand up. He seemed quite submissive. And then she lifted up Nisha’s skirt and pulled her panties down. Then she made Nisha sit as Sunil had done so. Nisha and Priya were both skinny and dark. I could see Nisha’s bush quite clearly as she sat on the table with her skirt hitched up. By this time I was having a real had on and I was just inches. " Mine too, guy," she said. "You drive."I knew WHY I was driving. After she buckled in, she wiggled around and started gathering her hair into two miniscule pigtails, one just behind each ear, her fix for 'I can't stand my hair on my neck when I'm sweating.'When she finished, she turned to me with a huge grin. "There! Now I can exercise, and I'll know the whole time that you're lusting after me extra much." You know waaay too much about me, cutie," I said."I have a whole list, honey," she.

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