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Once in the missionary Diva threw her legs in the air to give me all that ass pussy. As I was fucking Diva I would pinch her hard nipples and stroke h...r dick and rub her nuts. Occasionally I would lean down and steal some kisses and she would whisper, "damn, this feels so good baby keep fucking me". That caused me to get my dick as deep as I could in her tight ass and she would raise her hips to help. As I was about to reach the point of no return, Diva started stroking her dick saying she. He thought of what she had looked like in her bikini again. He wished he had taken a picture but was way to awestruck at the time. She had the body of a porn star, he thought. Ever since that day, his sister had become the object of all his sexual fantasies. Whenever he watched porn, he pretended the girl he was watching was Kim. Typical 14-year-olds, his friends were all obsessed with porn as well and they constantly emailed each other their favorite porn. Porn that included gangbangs, big. His eyes went to the large picture window as he passed through the darkened dining room. Nothing there, just another wall of snow. He practically jumped down the two steps to the den, hand stretching out towards the far wall to help him redirect through the open doorway to the left. His right hand went to the light switch as his left grabbed the doorframe to slow him.There, pressed against the glass door, outlined by the wall of snow, was a figure in red.HOW someone could be there, his mind. " Not," Lucilla responded, "When there are men around." Unless we feel tired." Or tender." Or delicate," Pandora giggled."Or it's Tuesday." Or raining." Or one of us is wearing red panties."Pandora lifted her head, and looked directly in Lasco's eyes. "Or no panties." That's more likely," Lucilla added. She lifted herself up too, and turned Lasco's face towards her. "Listen, I thought you'd worked out by now that the rules were different here." I have. I have," Lasco responded, nodding his.

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