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Then you pull me up to your lips and kiss me deeply as you can taste my pussy all over my lips your cock is throbbing so you lay me on my back, you pu... your arms under my knees and push my legs back then you slowly push your big throbbing cock in my tight pink pussy. once your as far as you can get it in my pretty pussy you hear me start to gasp. you pull your cock out fuck me slow and deep then i start to cum and you start to go faster and harder. you stop right befor i orgasm and you put me. She was cumming for the second time. My dick had one mighty wave of contraction which started deep inside me somewhere and hit my balls and shaft at the end. I gasped breathlessly.Back on the bench by the beach, or rather, on the green belt just beyond the sandy beach, I was still a little dizzy from what I had just done. But my penis was not softening completely. I was surprised.The tannie who had caught my eye earlier-on was now alone sitting on a black rock. I looked at her behind my dark. He had his eyes closed as he began picking up the pace. I told him to fuck me harder. He did just that. He pinned my legs back and found my G-spot. He rammed his dick inside me, beating the shit out of my G-spot. I grabbed a pillow so I could have something to bite into. I was cumming so hard, harder than I had in years. My pussy was spilling around his dick. It was Intense. He flipped me over-and started fucking from the back. He grabbed my hair, making me arch my back as he fucked me. He. Now it just made me feel sicker."Not for me it ain't," I said. FOURMolly was working the nurses' station on that floor, and I saw her on my way out. She gives me a smile and asks me how Ramsey is and I tell her he's fine. Then she wants to know just how the accident happened, and I tell her that. Molly wasn't too crazy about Ramsey, but because he was a friend of mine she didn't bad-mouth him too much in front of me, and anyway she hated to see anybody suffering or in pain. I.

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