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“I… had… no idea,” Dempsey uttered, as tears welled up in his eyes.Clem immediately moved toward Dempsey and embraced him.Holding Dempsey he pleaded, “Please, just give me a chance.”After a minute of tenderness, Dempsey looked up into Clem’s eyes and said, “No, not as long as you smell like a French whore.”As they practically fell on the floor laughing, they hugged and kissed passionately.“I never knew that you felt like this,” Dempsey softly said.After Clem stared at him for a very. I got to her clit and had her squirming in seconds. She pulled me up and got on her knees herself and took my manhood into her mouth all at once.. not bothering to take her time. She just sucked and sucked and I couldn't take it anymore " MOMMMM IM GUNNA CUMM.. GUNNA FUCKING CUM! " she kept on sucking but even faster and I felt the familiar tingle as I shot the biggest load of my life into my mothers mouth. I pulled her up and kissed her on the lips and said follow me... and so it began. I. Darren -- I can give you a lift to Marcia’s.”“Great. Thanks.”“I’ll pick you up from the hotel.”Darren sat with Rebecca and Marcia around her patio table. “Another delightful evening,” Rebecca remarked. “Too bad Kyle and Lisa had to leave early.”“There’s a little bubbly left,” Marcia said. “Let me top up your glasses.” She drained the bottle.“This was a good idea,” Darren said. “It’s a chance to bask in glory before we head into the real battle.”Rebecca drained her glass. “I really had better be. She had borrowed the money to buy the used truck from a girl friend. Jillian had no savings and very few possessions. She was heading to an ex- boyfriend's house to see if he would put her up for a while and help her dry out. This was Jillian's bottom. Now she was broke, had no job, no home and owed a good girlfriend the cash for the vehicle.
 Usually these depressing thoughts were enough to trigger her desire to drink until the pain of life subsided into the alcoholic haze and she would awaken.

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