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”“So why won’t she give you the grade?”I didn’t know Melanie that well, she’d married my dad just a couple months earlier, She was twenty ...ine with a model’s body, long legs, a big solid rack and a little BB ass and a gorgeous face. We were getting along pretty well so I decided to tell her the truth.“She caught me fooling around with another girl in the locker room and says that’s a violation of academic standards. She said the provost okayed holding my grade.”“I though you had a boyfriend,. I was so upset at it I was starting to cry. Remember I was just thirteen at the time.Mom put her arms around me and hugged me. “Don’t worry Bobby. It was my fault undressing in front of you”. I could feel her panties and the bed below us was wet, “But I think I made a mess on you”.Mom just patted my head and said, “It’s nothing to worry about. It is a natural thing for a boy to do”.Since she did not yell at me I was a bitencouraged. My cock was still hard so I pushed it against her again and. “You ever had black dick before?” Tye asked Marcy, putting his hand on the back of Olivia’s head and pushing her down.Marcy shook her head no.“We can fix that.” Tye replied with a grin as Olivia began bobbing up and down on his cock.“Uhm, we’re not swingers or anything.” Marcy stammered, looking at James and then back at the couple.“Uh huh, sure.” Tye replied before looking down at Olivia and pushing her down harder on his dick. Olivia seemed to have no problems taking Tye’s cock in her mouth. Under my breath, I said, "It's ok, cunt. You tried. I pushed too hard too quick. I'll explain it when you come out on your break."She only looked slightly relieved. She was trying so hard to fill Holly's shoes in this situation. All I really needed was for her to be her, and to be ready for anything I may demand of her.This was the first thing I told her a little later when she set down her tray on the table and then sat next to me. The brunette had finished her sweeping and had gone back to.

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