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Choking around his cock, I was unable to fight him as he shoved me back off my knees, off balance and onto the edge of the bed, pinning my head down o... the side of the silk sheets. Jerome put a leg up onto the bed and pressed down hard into my throat, as he rocked a little to get every last millimetre into my poor throat, despite my attempts to resist. Yanking out sharply, I coughed and gagged hard as he stroked himself for a moment, before he firmly grabbed my hair and slapped his cock quickly. " Really, you do, and I mean it! If I were a guy or just suppose for amoment," she gave a little grin, "a girl who likes girls, I'd be allover you." Mariska thought at the same time, 'Mark certainly would be,darn it.'Dani's smile came back which made Mariska happy, "Thank you, Mariska. Ireally have had a fun time today. It's been awhile. I'm glad we got toknow each other. And to tell the truth, you're so much more fun andeasier to talk to than the girl who left. I hope we can be friends. . what are you doing ... stop" she gasped when able to unlock her lips from mine. She struggled against my hold on her but I held into her."You will go crazy if I don't distract you" I explained again before locking lips again with her.The kiss lasted longer this time, and towards the end of it she was actually responding to it."Oh my god" she whispered before I silenced her again with my lips, with one of my hands slipping down to cup her firm ass, and to pull her closer against me.She was. Now we both were in our underwear only. We came to bed and started playing with each other. The fan was running in full speed but I was feeling quit a hot. I liked having body play and hugging because he has hairy body. His hairs was giving me unique feeling to my smooth body. He removed his underwear. I took his cock in my hand. It was hard now. His cock was not very big but approx 5 inch long also thin. I feel good because I was sure that it will be not much pain. He started playing with his.

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