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Come alone. Stand at the front door. Someone will get you. Dont bring anything but your car keys – no purse, no food, NOTHING. At 8:02, the door swu...g open and one of the sisters yanked me into the house. I saw my roomie sitting on the couch, blindfolded. Another pledge sat on an opposite couch, blindfolded too. A sister stood, looking stern, watching over the us to make sure that there was no talking. They took my keys, blindfolded me, led me to the couch. The house was four stories tall and I. I was starting to get worried about Sue I dont know if the time she had spent on her own with shep had damaged her mind. She was becoming a control freak. She did seem to care for Becci but she was more interested in her as some sort of lab rat.The following day Becci was sat on the sofa reading when Sue went in and plugged her in and then shep.Just charging your chip babe.Then she left the room and activated both of the chips. Shep walked over to Becci and made her open her legs. Then Becci. Then she took Josh’s hands, guiding them so they held her head in place while she took his cock into her mouth a little deeper and encouraged him to press his hands onto hers. Josh understood that she wanted to take him deep in her throat. He moaned, “Oh fuck! I love you being my little slut!”Josh realized from the look on Lizzy’s face that she enjoying this as much as he was, maybe even more. Reluctant at first to push her head down, found his rhythm and felt her moan with his cock in her. She licked up the bottom of my shaft, and then wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock. She looked at me and her eyes alone almost made me explode. Suddenly all seven inches of my cock disappeared into her mouth. She sucked me hard. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and she didn't want me to. I let out a loud moan as she took her lips off my cock. She began stroking it hard and fast with her spit still dripping down my shaft. "I want it, baby, I want that cum, give me that cum!" She began.

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