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"Our rental car, in fact, pulled up in front of us, the local Hertz agent being quite cooperative when I told him how I was arriving. I'd gotten us an...Infiniti QX56. We needed the room for our golf clubs, but that didn't mean I didn't want something with a little luxury.While I was getting the paperwork taken care of, our bags got transferred to the back of the rental. I shook hands with the Hertz agent, slipping him a hundred dollar bill. "See you Sunday," I told him.He looked at the bill in. I had to admit I was quite excited at the thought of finally getting into Darlene and possibly even Jack without any repercussions at work.We had some drinks, ate dinner and sat down near the fire to chitchat about work, life and relationships. They kept asking me if I was dating anyone and what kind of sex I liked. I could sense what they were after but I kept on playing coy as I wasn’t sure I was about to like where we might have been headed with a few comments from Jack about bondage type. Looking down at her, I didn't see the scared look I thought I would see. A look of anticipation crossed with ecstasy filled her face. She looked me right in the eyes and said, "Make me your bitch," before pushing her ass forward onto my cock. I pushed slowly into her ass, sliding my dick in and out in small movements. Her butt opened up and I slid forward and inch or two all at once. Her eyes went wide and she gasped for air. I told her to play with her clit and she started rubbing her pussy. Anderson?’ she said, looking to me for confirmation.I laughed at this, and passing my arms about the waists of both of the girls, I said to Grace, ‘I should think, my dear, that you, as you are engaged to your dear Charlie and are even getting ready right now to marry him, should be all the more accustomed to the company of men, and the fact that you go with me, and that I might-might even go as far as to treat you like Charlie does-that in itself would in no way flurry or upset you, in fact, I.

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