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Her mouth opened wide to scream but no sound came out. As the rushing force of semen jettisoned out of her erection she wailed in ecstasy. ‘OH!! GOD... OH!! SWEET JESUS!! IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE …!!’ This time Julia’s exhausted and drained body shutdown and the Sybian slowly whirred to a stop, still deeply imbedded within her body. Slowly Julia recovered and she cooed and gurgled as deep aftershocks rippled throughout her body. ‘AHH!! AHH!! AHH!!’ As her mind cleared, she moaned softly knowing. I am going to share my sex experience with my mom. My mom and dad were love marriage and married during their college days itself. When I was 5years old my dad died due to an disease. All my relatives blamed my mom for my dad’s dead. So my took me out of the town from Tamilnadu to Kerala. Then days gone and i become 18year old boy. As been a boy I had the habit of drinking and smoking. So my track was changing path.The next year I entered the college. I had many friends and one of them was very. My. God! What was George thinking when he stuck us with these two? My ribs hurt from laughing at Suzy, and I just hope Laurel is okay with Richelle – her ribs were already hurting, and she's probably in agony by now! It was bad enough when they bandaged our hands. I thought I was gonna bust when Richelle asked about "Scratch yer cootchie", and then when I asked Suzy if she wanted to kiss my booboo and make it better, oh my. I never came so close to peeing my pants, and Laurel said she thought. She is tall, attractive, blonde and an overall great person. She understands my fantasy but worries that it would affect our marriage if we start but there is a little interest; so I am holding onto Not sure where or how it started but several years ago, I awoke with a raging erection and interrupted a great dream. The dream; I was swimming, late at night with my wife and my best friend. We were in a local pool after hours so in boxers, undies, and bras. We jumped in the car to leave.

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