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I watched as Kurt drove away, before entering the house. Surprise,surprise, Mom was waiting."Well, did you have fun?" she asked."Oh Mom, thank you so ...uch for letting me go. We had such a wonderfultime," I gushed."Did your young man behave himself?" Yes Mom, he was a perfect gentleman." Except for the goodnight kiss." You saw?" I didn't need to, your lipstick is smeared."I couldn't help blushing."It was only a goodnight kiss." Honey, I know, just be careful."I hugged my mother goodnight and. We took the whole weekend to get back -- not pushing for speed, but instead enjoying the changing landscape -- much of which, driving through New Mexico and Texas, was very different from anything in Peg’s or Tad’s experience. By the time we crossed the Mississippi River at Memphis, things were looking a lot more like home.Sharing motel rooms on the way back with Tad, Peggy and I were appropriately circumspect in our behavior, but our first night back in Lawrenceville, unpacked, well-fed,. Knowing exactly what he expected, I turned my head and sucked the huge mushroom head of his cock into my mouth, slowly moving my head back and forth on his shaft. After a minute, or so, I spun my chair around and began using my hand to stroke the full length of his dick while continuing to suck on the bulbous head.He gently pumped his hips into my face and hand, as he continued talking with our client. Then – still with the phone to his hear – he pulled me out of my chair and bent me over my. I use to shag by thinking about her and sometimes I use to leave used condoms and sex magazines on floor to seduce her. Every day she will come to my home by morning 8’o clock, to clean and cook for me. But now a days she is not coming regularly to my house so I asked her the reason why she is not coming regularly then she explained me about her problems her husband is drunkard and beats her every day for money he even took away her money she saved to buy new saree, she bursted into tears.

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