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"Oh... yeah... you'd better enjoy this while it lasts, Snugglebear, in about six months you have to loan those things out."He looked up at her. " on breastfeeding?" Absolutely." Good. The pediatrician in me wholeheartedly approves." I knew he would." Luckily, however, they're still mine right now." Sophia giggled as he lowered his mouth back down."Oh, honey, they might not be much bigger yet, but they are definitely more sensitive," Sophia commented. Warren responded by rapidly drumming. "Well, I was thinking about a swim." I told her as we approached the cottage. "It was getting a bit warm out there. Then I have to clean some fish." Oh, you got a few?" She asked."Yeah. I got three keepers." I answered as I pulled the screen door open and let her walk inside in front of me. It was almost gloomy inside after all the bright sunshine outside and I did my best to not fall on anything as I walked through the kitchen area."Sounds like a fish fry tonight then!" she answered cheerfully. She would kneel down in front of me wrap herbreasts around my dick and say don't come or you won't meet mistress.That was tough.Day Two: After getting home the wife (her name is Jan) told me to getnaked and grabbed two silicone breasts and attached them to me. Then shegot a bra to give them some support. She then got me a night shirt. Wewent to bed but NO nookie, boy I was horney!Day Three: I was worried about my breasts but Jan said no prob. She gotsome ace bandages wrapped me real tight. . Our eyes met and we both were so happy …I started my strokes with my lips on her lips … started gently … she was moaning … she was calling out my name …. We both were thrilled and were enjoying it .. .. My speed increased and we both were enjoying it .. .. I pulled my dick outside .. .. She asked what happened and I said we have to use condom .. .. She made me wore a dotted condom and again we started … the same position and she was running out of breath and that was exciting me more…. I.

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