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She reached for my cock. I was so fucking happy she was at least going to jack me off. Instead she slid down the bed smiling. OMG a blow job. She put ...er mouth on my cock and my eyes closed ... then ... WHAM ... she punched me in my balls.I rolled off the bed in agony.“What the Fuck Bitch!!”“Don’t touch me dirt bag.”I stomped out of the room. It had been like this for nearly a year. Ever since she had our baby. We had been married for 8 years and the sex was amazing until she got pregnant. It. She had a very good taste she had made her rented house decorated so nicely that we asked her to make our house and she readily excepted it, From my side I was the decision maker and I started to interact with her, when I had interaction with her I came to know we would have to travel to Mumbai for latest design and latest furniture etc. Due to this we came close to each other, and story starts in this manner. It was decided that we will go to Mumbai on Monday, she was there only to her. I squealed with surprised. I stepped back and looked at him. I was really surprised. But not too surprised not to slip off my knickers. “Come to mummy, boy” I said and he repeated his intrusion. This time his tongue found my pussy and I leaned back again the bench and spread my legs. “Wow, you are a nasty boy” I laughed and then moaned as he pleasured me. “What other tricks do you have” I said. Down on my knees I waited to see what he would do. I didn’t have long to wait.The Husky took my. He wants another person to join him to christen his Baby Girl. (As in this would be the first time I would have been with 2 people at the same time) I was feeling nervous, scared, but a bit curious and i was imagining the thrill and excitement from it. I was with him, so now, it was too late to back out of what my Daddy had in store for me.We got settled and greeted each other with our normal hug and kiss. So warm and comforting. My nipples were already hard and pointing through my bra at.

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