First On Net- Daag Episode 4 mp4

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."....I didn't know what to say, but somehow, she did. "Were you in my locker..?" She asked. I nodded. "I didn't leave my shoes like after practice...were you..?" She stopped. I nodded. "Interesting.." she said. I was semi shocked. I didn't know where this was going to go at all...and then a smile crept over her face. "You were smelling my shoes, weren't you?" I nodded. "That's kind of sexy.." she winked at me. I was shocked. My mouth fell open..and my cock throbbed in my. I said who is that on the phone she said it's Carter he is on his way down to our room. I could barley swallow my spit I said he is she said yep. I going to jump in the shower she says. As I walk towards the bed in the room thinking to myself is this really going to happen. It's been 2 1/2 years since we received the first pic and joined this site, could this be really happening am I ready for this I think to myself. I said to myself maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, she said she was ready for. I had bruises on my knees and her ass was black and blue as well. I don’t remember too much about the specifics. It was a long time ago and we were a little intoxicated. The next time, the following week end, was in her bunk bed. We had the bottom bunk and my friend David and another girl, Karen (A different Karen) were fucking in the top bunk. That was sexy! The girl Dave was with wanted to be with me I think, but I had my sights set on Fran as I wanted another more memorable experience with. I came home from work on Friday night to a nice candle lit dinner; my wife was all romantic and loving. She treated me like a king making sure she had cooked my favorite meal and having plenty of wine on hand. I was feeling the effects of all the food and alcohol, thinking this would be a great night of sex as well. I was in the bed just relaxing when my wife came out of the bathroom wearing one of the sexiest outfits I have ever seen her in. She was wearing a black leather corset, black.

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