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So I Too went inside, she gestured me to lock the door. I asked why?. She just told ‘ Rahul’. And I locked. She was in Bodhai ( giddiness feel aft...r drinking)‎ without knowing herself she sat as such without removing her 3/4 th shorts. I shouted ‘ heai lusu’. She kept finger ‎on her lips and told don’t shout.Suddenly stood up and lift her hands and kept on my shoulder and asked me to remove that shorts. I stared at her and she told ‘ I can’t do it alone’ so I removed and made her sit and she. Rittu moanded in pleasure in taking such a huge monster cock and then her cut lips had adjusted to guptaji cock.She now started spitting in guptas mouth while gupta was fucking her vigoursly.Gupta was now abusing rittu calling her the most beautifull randi and this was giving me a more hardon.After 30 mins gupta cummed inside my wife pussy giving her all the pleasure and then they lied in the bed and dozed off to sleep.Even I dozed off to sleep and when I got up I heard voices from the bathroom. And I bet you're a practicing Witch as well. You would most certainly know about things like this." I don't profess to know everything."Melissa grinned. "Perhaps. Maybe that's why you lost it so easily."Debby took a deep breath. Her heart thumped, and she fought to keep her voice steady. "I don't want to play any more games. You have my pendant."Melissa smiled and plucked the pentacle from between her breasts. She twirled it by its chain."That does not belong to you." Oh, but it does, Mrs.. Now there is mixed cum of 3 men inside my mom’s pussy.Benarjee got relaxed and got up and again came towards mom and this time he turned mom and bet very hard on her hip. He widened her legs and I saw my mom’s beautiful ass hole. It is very small hole. As my dad didn’t fuck my ass hole so it is very small.Benarjee fingered in mom’s ass hole his finger with a bit difficulty went inside. Mom moaned in pain and was crying more. Benarjee finger fucked mom for some time and then took his cook and.

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