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Just clear it with Esmeralda’s mother first.”Both of their eyes got wide. “Sophia? If she’s there, then no, we’re fine. She’s a witch, abl... to see your soul.”“Sounds fun. I look forward to meeting her next weekend, in Kansas.”“I knew Doracita was Roberto’s daughter. I forgot that Esmeralda is her mother. We will do this job for you at cost only, my cousin.”I shook my head. “I have more than enough money to pay you a proper profit, Esteban. I’ll explain it to her if need be.”“Better you than me,. Maybe you were dreaming,’ he told Clay. With the door shut, and the curtain pulled, Clay only heard muted sounds from the hallway. The nurse helped him clean up, changed his bedding, and checked to be sure that he was comfortable before he finally left. ‘Leave the door open please,’ Clay asked as the nurse left. ‘You got it. Let me know if you need something else, Clay.’ Clay laid back and closed his eyes. He hated that he was so weak yet. Considering everything he’d been through, all the. It happened too fast for the captain to correct their course and keep them straight and they were knocked around for miles. Everyone was holding on for dear life and struggling to put on their life vests when a huge wave washed over the deck and knocked everyone over. He remembered struggling to the surface and looking frantically for his mother when he blacked out. “Mom.” He remembered and got to his feet quickly and looked around. “Mom!” He called out down the beach. “Joey?” He heard a. It was one of those spring-loaded hooks like people use to secure a screen door. Maybe enough weirdos have yanked curtains open that the booth manufacturers decided to beef up security. Nothing scares off necking k**s like being exposed to the ridicule of strangers.I secured the latch, pulled out my wallet, and looked for instructions. The space was about five feet deep, three wide, and seven feet high, with a bench seat at one end. Opposite the seat was a video screen at head level, a.

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