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.." IF their captains," Julia and Preston had both joined in from their spots on the hangar, and Jane was fast losing her struggle against cracking a ...mile, "want to train up pilots that can't handle real flyin', that's their business. But I'm gonna train me the BEST. DAMN. ROOKS. This Academy has ever seen!" each word chanted in unison was accompanied by dramatic wavings of various tools and instruments, and Jane broke down and laughed. The three rookies struck exaggerated poses that were. I’ve been bringing him up in conversation just before bedtime in the hope of bringing him into her mind as she goes to sleep.But I feel torn. It wrenches my gut. I don’t like the idea of her and Steve. He’s fitter than me, rich, single… I've known him since c***dhood. He and I climbed together for decades until a back injury, from a fall, ended my climbing days. He still climbs. He’s a bit of a climbing legend.So I’ve decided to forget trying to cultivate a seed and just keep a watching brief.. ”I looked at Priya, she lowered her face and gave me a sad look. “I can’t slap Sam! The only other option left is Aamna. So, spare me!”Aamna: “Okay! Very well! Time to take revenge for the Cockroach prank!”I peeped at Priya, she was looking apprehensive. I closed my eyes and turned my cheeks towards Aamna. The damn bitch slapped me hard, with all her might. I shivered. This was the first time someone had ever slapped me, including my parents. I said nothing. Priya’s face turned pale.Priya:. I was watching the clouds pass by and was listening to the sounds of the birds in the trees, then I closed my eyes. There was nothing but absolute peace around me and I just loved it!• I must have dozed away, then suddenly there was a strange voice waking me from my me-ditation. With an u*********s womanly reflex I smoothed down my dress over my sun-warmed legs. The voice came from a skinny young man with a wild mane of orange locks on his head. He pointed out that he was living just down.

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