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She hoped he wouldn't notice the shape of her nipples if she was too close."What you got?"She walked over to the fence. She knew the other neighbours ...ouldn't be able to see in because of the angle of the houses and a few large trees at the other side. That's why she had chosen to climb the fence, yesterday. "A vacuum. Can't seem to work out how this bag-less thing works."Although she hated housework herself and hired a cleaner twice a week, she tried to explain how the clips released, and the. I slid to one side of the bed as Nat turned so her feet weren’t in my face. She rolled onto her back and moved to the center of our bed. She spread her legs and bent her knees up, opening herself to me. She reached down with both hands and spread her pussy open. I was on top of her my cock touching her vulva, I thrusted slightly as Nat guided me in her wanting hole. She put both arms around me and held me tight, “it’s been too long, I want you to fill me up”, Nat whispered. I slowly thrust in. I care not. Picking back up my quill, I jab it into the ragged wound on my arm and begin to write. Valentines day? Oh, what a waste of time and breath. Bringing dead flowers to one still living in hopes of making her cunt randy enough she might give up her modest airs and admit to herself her own lustful wish to be fucked. How avant garde. You need only bring a huge bottle of Burgundy wine, or maybe that hellish liquid Absinth. Say enough to get two musketeers drunk, and then ply her with it. I also dropped off the nine mining pods. On each planet receiving one or more mining pods, I left a shuttle and ten androids to set the pods up and operate them. Well, the androids didn’t operate the pods so much as they kept an eye on them.The other thirty-eight androids were left on the planet I hoped to farm. They would plant each of the items that I currently sold, as well as guavas, pineapples, and papayas. They would also plant the date palm trees, and several other fruits that had.

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