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......fuck me, fuck me......yes.......more.............hon,I'm.........I'm...........," as the first waves of orgasm ripple through her, her screams o... pleasure fill the hotel room. Imagine watching the Master's leather trussed, overly large, shaved sac heave as he too is climaxing, pumping his searing hot man juice into your bride's bowels. You silently pray that he will be kind enough to allow you to take of his seed from her well-fucked ass when he is through with her. You manage to. The side door opens, the officer jumps out and stomps over to me as I lower the window and try to look sorry.“Stop following me, Kelly.”His voice is angry now, his eyes bright. I nod. He gets back in his car and drives deeper into the estate. Again, I follow him, until I reach a set of garages. One has been burned out, but is still solid. I park the car inside so it won’t be seen, grab my bag and get out.All is silent. The garage smells of burnt wood and paint, and the night carries a faint. .."SCW! SCW! SCW!"I listened to the chants in the locker room and smiled. It was like music to me. I have been here at this promotion called Sin City Wrestling since its infancy."Yo, Stevie!" A voice called out. I looked back. It was Paul, my tag partner. He's relatively new here. We knew each other since our school days, and I had to beg him to go to wrestling school. It eventually worked out though. He was with our opponents for the titles, Black Thunder. I met Blake and Tim back in wrestling. There was trepidation in my soul when you dabbed at your eyes. What had I done wrong?“I’m sorry,” you said. “It’s overwhelming me at the moment.”The wrenching of my heart was audible and made more evident by the moment of silence following. I extended my hand towards you on the table; an offering of comfort to a goddess in distress.“Please tell me about it.”I kept my voice low. You dabbed again at your eyes and confided in me. You spoke of the discovery, the fear, the physical healing, and the.

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