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I said ok as she was so excited I didn’t want to be a wet blanket. It was arranged for the following Saturday. I found her getting more excited as t...e time drew closer. Alf and Bronwyn arrived at 7pm on Saturday. Alf was my age and the same height. Bronwyn was about 5’6” tall with red hair, huge tits, great ass and obviously happy as her smile indicated. “So you are Wade” Bronwyn said “Ruth has told me about you”. Not everything” I said laughing. She smiled back “yes, everything”. That set the. Thistle had never had a student except for Starlight. He had been teaching classes on Guitar making for the last five years, but this fellow didn't seem the type. The fellow did a decent job, and I did recognize several of Starlight's songs in his repertoire. They suited his voice, and he was obviously a good musician, if deceptive in his boasting. I was not Thistle's champion, last time I checked, so I said nothing. The soft down mattress and pillow I settled into a few hours later had me. Those could really hurt and leave bruises.As you can imagine the cane was the painful, if you were very unlucky up to twenty four strokes after having been ‘warmed up’ with the hand and the hairbrush, I’m not to sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing but he was ambidextrous, think it probably helped even the tip end of the cane out.That covers the part of having my bottom spanked I didn’t like. As you will learn I really started to enjoy receiving and later giving good bottom. The other came behind me and took me to one of the stalls in bathroom.. (Western).. He sat upon Commode and me sit on him.. I was tired... Everything was getting blurry... I felt his cock moving in my pussy.... It was faint.. coz i had no strength left inside me... Suddenly A spray of cold water hit my Face Bringing me back to my senses.... He laughed while he did that... And started fucking me Fast .... Aaahh aaahh... Aaaahh... The sound of our Moans and Thighs slapping each other... Was.

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