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" Darling walked over. She handed Maria the device. "Reprogramyourself. See the menus? It's there. All you have to do is press thebuttons. Freedom awa...ts."Maria stared at the device, trembling.A moment later, Darling took the device. "I have to sleep sometime, so weautomate this process. But we won't need it." She smiled. "We havesomething better."Guards unlocked Tesla. Her chains fell to the floor. The shock beltfollowed. Then they removed Tesla's handcuffs and ankle restraints. Asmall bot. . Sally... Sarah... about it. It all seemed like blackmail to me and I thought Elizabeth had made the most appalling mistake. I was horrified and frightened. Once Elizabeth had started this thing there was no way of going back."He looked at me and said. "It isn't simple."I was just thinking that it was. All a storm in a teacup. After all they only had to wait for a year or so and then they could marry quite respectably."It would be nice and tidy if I mourned my wife and Sarah finished her. She wasn’t wearing Bridget Jones style big pants nor was it a thong it was more like halfway in between. The two of us helped her back onto the bed and while I thrust into her Kris slipped one leg over her head and lowered her cunny onto Susan’s mouth.“Go on use your tongue! Yes, that’s it mmmmm” I watched as I fucked Susan, and knew Kris was not only excited but was actively fucking Susan’s tongue. Till all of a sudden Susan shouted in a muffled way she was cumming and Kris was eagerly telling. Everything is calm and peaceful. My coldness the only thing stirring the air. Kadir shifts a bit. I glide in quick before he can wake.Suddenly everything feels so much better. I've never felt like this. The warmth is the best part right now, but the feeling of strength and sturdiness are so new to me. I've never been in this good of shape. I breathe a little easier too, my lungs a little stronger than my old body. I'm just overall healthier. Some of the aches and pains I always had, just never.

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