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I had been going to the broken down shabby old restaurant for a couple of days in a row now, it was perfect for what I wanted to do, never any people ...etween four and five except for me and the brown haired waitress that always tried to get may attention when I was there.I had indulged in some causal flirting so far, stringing her along to give me a free beer with my early dinner and it seemed that she had been anticipating me because I noticed straight away that the dumb little thing had more. I felt something sticky. It was her love juice. I took out the fingers and sucked the juice on it. Revathi said,”How is the taste of my love juice”. I said”It really very tasty”. She said,”You will have more of my juices afterwards”. I brought my face on cunt and started nibbling her vaginal hair. Simultaneously I pressed her thighs and caressed her inner thigh portion. I spread her cunt lips apart and inserted my tongue into her cunt hole. Revathi had increased her moaning. My tongue went deep. Within seconds her back arched and she let out a moan before sinking back into her seat. Jack had watched her as she came and had drifted off the road. He swerved back onto the carriage way just before hitting the verge. “Whoa,” he thought to himself. “Steady on.” By now his cock was almost splitting his trousers it was so hard and desperate to get out and join in the action. He felt at it through the material and dragged Jill’s right hand across and placed it on his groin. “I suppose you. The theater wasn't that crowded in the back but there was alot of people up front. The movie started and then I felt someone nibbling on my ear. It was Alice I finally realized why she did all this. She got up and sat on my lap. I decided to return the favor and nibble on her ear and she loved it and responded by putting my hands on her breast. I always wanted to feel them they were 36c and nice, firm, and round. I stopped nibbling on her ear and started kissing her neck. She loved this more..

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