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After about 5 minutes I gave up and asked Marla if she wanted to drive. She said she didn't and she wanted to go back. I got out and purposely shut my...door quickly so she would have to scoot over and get out his side. He helped her get out and stole a cheap glance. He asked us to come inside to fill out some paperwork. We told him we'd be in in a moment. We both decided this was going nowhere so we walked to our car and ditched him. A few days later we figured we'd try and do something new for. ? It would be a dream come true for me.” I said, “Look, if you need to meet her, you need to wait outside the hotel for some time. I will be enjoying her first and once I am done, I will ask her to provide the service to you also for free; but what about your bookings from Uber?” He said, “No problem sir. I am not taking any more bookings after this ride. I will wait for my turn outside the hotel. I don’t want to miss this chance.” I could see the excitement in his eyes.By the time we reached. “Looks like you’re going to be here a while and the temperature will drop more.” Looking at Deborah, she added, “You’re probably going to want it.”“Sounds like a good idea.”And off went the waitress, only to return in five minutes. She sat our drinks on the small table and handed us a light, soft blanket. “I will leave you two alone.”As she left, Deborah lay her head on my shoulder as she continued to stare into the universe. A soft, contented sigh escaped her lips as she snuggled closer,. Dad, meet Tessa; Tessa, this is my dad.”“How do you do, Mr. Hollister.”“Hmm. Hello. OK, I have to make a long trip to the Kimberley first to the northwest coast and then to the far north – near the border with the Territory. The first, on the Kimberley coast should be only a few days, the second up to two months. They both have to do with Dreamtime images and sites that may be sacred. I can’t spend two months in Kununurra, so you would be my representatives.”“Can you tell us more?” Tessa.

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