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He swirled the thick clear fluid around his mouth, with his tongue, coating her cock head in her own pre, making it slicker and wetter as he let the of the hot pre, a little salty, a little musky but enticing all the same, slide down his throat into his waiting stomach.Panting softly he let the glistening tip fall from his lips, leaning up so he could run his spongy tongue down the length of her cock, shifting in the beanbag as he trailed the entire length, feeling each vein pass beneath. "The two of us here alone like this isn't maybe the wisest thing but.... don't you think.....sometimes being wise isn't always for the best?" I almost purred, as down below the feel of his body against my hands had begun to stir my pussy all the more."But what about Mike?" he stammered, his nerves finally allowing him to voice his fears."Hmmmm! Don't you go worrying about him." I said, as I eased aside the towel and smoothed both hands over a still very damp, bared chest. "Right at this moment. Looking back on her relationship with him she realized that it was more satisfying than her silly marriage even if they had only coupled the one night under the watching moon. Her husband had taken to drink and the use of his thick black belt as an instrument of punishment for imagined mistakes. She knew that in all honesty she had accepted it all because she did have a deep-seated conviction he was her soul-mate underneath all his faults.Honey pushed all those negative thoughts out of her head. Miss Noefun was keen that the students should be able to continue with their sailing activity that had been planned for today. Miss Noefun was the headmistress from The Long Stockings Private School for Gifted girls and young ladies. She was keen for the young ladies to study rather than to have a break. Even if the storm had caused some damage last night, Miss Noefun saw no reason for the young ladies not to be learning while at the camp. When Steven and Sandra got down to the lake, they saw.

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