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Causing her to scream as she was gripped by pleasure. Her climax deep clenching pulses of pleasure through her whole body. Feeling her pulsing around...him, caused what little control he had left to desert him. Holding her hips in a punishing grip he starting thrusting in and out in short, quick strokes. Annie was being bombarded with electric shocks, causing her to let out little mewling moans. Conner fucked her, faster then with one last thrust, he pressed deep and came with a deep groan,. This is my first experience and writing a sex story for the first time. Apologize for any mistakes.A brief introduction about me – I work in an MNC in Bangalore and my age is 26 single. This story is about my experience which I had 3 months back and willing to share my experience. So readers please read this story and let me know your feedback/comments.Girls and aunties who are willing to have release your pleasure am here to help you and your privacy is my high priority and will maintain. I have always loved dressing like a slut and have now shaved all my body well most apart from a sexy Brazilian and feel really fem. There was a sudden knock on my front door which startled me, knowing now one new me in the area as I was now renting a two bedroom flat by myself, I wondered who it could be. I slipped into a pair of jeans and threw a jumper on and opened the door, to my amazement there stood a sexy blond girl around 24 stunning green eyes dressed in a pair of shorts and a white t. If anything, he aspired to one day become a man of prestige and riches to where it was not only possible for him to own a slave, but it was expected of him to have a well-groomed slave of his own. He imagined that one day he would own a beautiful, young female slave to take the parties, to show off, to sleep with every night and, maybe, to bring into the bedroom with his wife, if he were to get married. He dreamed that he would have a slave whose good looks would turn heads, and whose sexual.

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