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It was smooth yet hard at the same time. I did what he did to me, pushing my mouth down and then pulling up, trying to take as much as I could on the ...ownstroke. I started rubbing his balls and continued sucking him for a couple of minutes. I then took my mouth off and sat back up.John started sucking my cock again. But this time when he pulled up and just my cock head was in his mouth he would swirl his tongue around my head. Felt fucking good. After a couple of minutes he sat up and I went. She and Mallya have been teaching me some of their traditional music.And speaking of Mallya, I think she’s become my favorite lover. I have bed partners three or four nights a week. So far, three of them, Ellana, Gilleena, and Mallya have favored me with overnight visits at one time or another. Don’t get me wrong; any of the three easily beats the pants off of any lover I’ve ever had in the past, but Mallya has kind of a mischievous side to her that makes for a lot of fun and some amazing sex.. Then he stepped back and Eric finally let me fall to the floor, none too softly.I started coming around just in time to hear Jordan ordering both Kyle and Eric to get dressed and get out, and not to come back. I listened as they tried to calm her down and apologize. They didn't think that they had done anything out of the ordinary. They had just raped me, just like Jordan wanted.Jordan didn't even respond. She just waited for them to dress and leave. Everyone was silent as Jordan got up and,. I was shocked and my hands were shivering, in surprise. I slowly lifted her pallu, and started to remove the hook, she was interestingly watching the serial, (while removing I slightly touched her boob…dut was very scared to press..)..after removing 3 hooks from the bottom I said to her that I had removed, the child was crying, but aunty was interested more on watching tv serial. She said plz raj, plz lift this part of blouse , I shocked and very happy doing that, I just lifted her blouse to my.

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