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So one of the guys I worked with, said come back to mine we can have a drink and I will call you a taxi home from there.I knew he was gay, well we tho...ght he was, even though he spoke about his girlfriend, we all knew it was his boyfriend.When I got to his flat I knew I was pretty drunk, and declined a drink, he booked me a cab which would take 40 minutes,so I said I will have a coffee which I made,then I sat down beside him on the sofa,and I don't remember why, or how it happened but he. They flirted back and forth for quite a while and one day she decided that she would see if he was all talk or would actually go through with it. They were in the office all alone one day and he was hitting on her and she told him that if he pulled out his cock she would suck on it. He rotated his office chair around and stood up and unbuttoned his khaki pants and removed what she describes as a huge uncut cock. Being true to her word she dropped to her knees and place his huge cock into her. I was cleaned shaved which she liked but she was surprised by my 6″ dick. She kissed the mushroom and took my dick in her mouth. Her cold mouth felt very good to my dick. She was sucking it very well. Using her tongue, she circled my entire dick which felt like heaven. I held her hair with my both hands and pushed my dick into her mouth like I was fucking her mouth. She took my entire dick in her mouth after 5 minutes of sucking, I cummed in her mouth which she drank. Now it was my turn to. Dale and Lynn found a hot tub full of hard cocks, wet pussy and lots of touching. Menwhile, Bell and I had stories and comedy going as we had a group laughing and drinking and Rachel came up and met some of the others she hadn't yet, and told everyone that they needed to learn from Bell and I. Instantly, we were experts in dating and both of us felt overwhelmed and turned off by the qurestions and the tense actions everyone showed towards us. I spoke up and told the group that if they think so.

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