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She dove her tongue into my cunt and tongue fucked me, as we had done at my house, before this cursed weekend. As Jill had instructed, Sally teased my...clit, by running her tongue round and round it, before licking it good. I was right on the edge, but had yet to crash into orgaasmland. Sally caught my clit between her lips, and sucked and sucked, until I had 2 screaming orgasms. The girls who crowded all around us all cheered. My ankles were untied, and Sally replaced me on the chair, with her. "They looked at me and tore ass outta here ..You think they'll be okay. in the dark?" " Their eyes are better than ours, but it's their nose that will lead them here...If I don't call back; you know they made it..You & Teresa have a great time tonite!" 'You too Dan-o".... I glanced at my watch- walked up to the kitchen, and onto the back deck..I opened two cans of Alpo and filled the bowls ..cut the lights on just in case & sat down to finish my drink.. Four minutes & 15 seconds later. " This brought a smile and after the first sip she began to talk. She needed to talk and likely something else more. Her red cocktail dress was no match for the chill wind and she consented to let me wrap my sheepskin coat around us both. But she understood my motive and slipped her arms into its sleeves to let me slip my hands inside her dress to touch bare flesh. The flimsy strapless dress was easily pushed aside and she wasn't wearing a bra. A ring on her finger suggested that the nature. When I took them out they were stained with the lube and her arse-juice and i got her to lick them clean.'It'll be my cock you are cleaning with your mouth next.I untied her and let her stand while I prepared another smoke. I got her to remove her knickers and sit in a chair with her legs over the arms. 'I want to watch you fuck yourself.'She complied, slowly at first, running a painted fingernail up and between her labia, then finding and flicking her clit.'Open your cunt.'Using one hand she.

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