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I reached around and took her hand in mine as I let his prick slip from my cleavage and placed her small hand on my husbands cock. ‘I’m gonna cum�...� Mike cried and Oona released him from her mouth and began to wank him off with her other hand. Seconds later Mike groaned and cum flew from his prick splattering Oona’s face and tits. He pumped out at least six thick blasts before I climbed on to the bed and sat beside Oona. Mike was laid out on his back now panting and grinning and Olly joined us on. And the first strike cemented that. I could feel it in my arm, and she felt it too. Her legs went straight out and her body fell under her reaction. But I wasn’t going to stop…I struck her seven more times like that. Each one was harder than the first. On the seventh strike it broke the skin slightly but there was no bleeding...she might have wanted more…but physically, she couldn’t take it.There was a small amount of snow on the ground which I quickly rub on her ass, knowing would only. ‘I’d like you to press charges. If you have reason not to, I’ll understand, and we’ll walk you to your car. But I didn’t see the weapon and I’m guessing you did. And your testimony will be worth something, unlike the lads in there with your friend now.’ ‘Look, I’m sorry, but I’m not local and I don’t know your laws and I don’t want trouble, I just met him this afternoon and I don’t know anything.’ Cindy eyed my dress, which in fairness did not scream ‘first date’. I may have blushed. Peter. Thereafter we will be spending time in Goa over weekend and come back on Monday morning. You have to dress as sexy as you can because I will use you as my office manager cum business development tool (to seduce clients).” She agreed and we had a small discussion about the flight timings and all and she left.I was very excited to have such a sexy office manager and was looking ahead to enjoy with her as much as possible. Next day morning I had asked her to be ready at 6 am in the morning and I.

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