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Looking at me she said, “Mike, I cannot get enough of your cock, it has been too long.” “I am here for you Era, please use me,” I responded. ...he guided my still hard cock between her pussy lips. I could feel her pussy growing juicer as it slid deeper into her. She lowered her body to me, and we kissed.“Era”, a female voice said. It was Shelly just outside the bedroom. Era called back to her as she pulled the sheet over us. “Shelly, we are here please come in.” Shelly entered the master bedroom. That is when a felt a soft warm hand on my thigh. Very little movement was apparent but with a definite direction. As I looked down at this beautiful hand I glanced over to Rob. Angie had her right hand on the bulge in his shorts and was rubbing his cock through his shorts. My attention was now focused on the action on the sofa. Her left hand steadily moved to my dick and the right slid in the waistband of Rob’s shorts. I had to take a deep breath as Angie’s hand wrapped around my dick and. .. “We popped out to the waiting room so we could drop our invisibility. Since nobody else was in there, we did. Greg’s face was full of tears. He kissed Mary exuberantly, “I don’t know what you did exactly, but I can’t thank you enough.”Mary smiled, blushing sweetly, “You REALLY need to thank Hera the next time you see her. She gave me a very special gift that made it possible. Charlie helped too. It was a total family effort. Linda was here too. Since we ended up not needing her, she went. He mummers his approval of the sexy underwear, moves to take my bisque off and release my boobs. My nipples are hard and aching for his mouth. As he leans in too take my left nipple into his mouth he gently blows cold air onto it and I never though it could get any bigger, but it did. Slowly he takes it between his lips gently sucking. This isn’t what I need, I need him to be harder and rougher with them, I realise I am going to have to teach him what I like. I tell him to be harder and to.

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