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The slow blowjob lasted for a few minutes, as she seemed in no hurry to get me off. Disappointed, I felt her perfect cock sucking mouth leave my cock ...nd she returned to face me.She smiled and asked, “Is my big boy ready to fuck his Mommy?”“Very much so,” I responded, moving up and pushing my naked Mother onto her back.“Oooh, I love a man who can take control,” she purred.I pulled her legs apart and buried my face in my Mom’s cunt. I licked, probed and nibbled her sweet hole for a few minutes. I poured a few drops of it in her cunt and started licking. She started moaning.After a few minutes of licking, I slowly entered her cunt with my penis and shoved it in. She did not feel any pain. I was now sure that my wife was not a virgin. I continued pumping and slid my penis in the whole way and started pumping. She responded by lifting her ass up and meeting my thrusts half way.That was when I got the biggest shock of my life. She was wild with ecstasy and started moaning “fuck me daddy,. John and Stephen carried Mrs. Henderson over to the oven and guided the spike into the woman's anus. Susan had oiled it so it slid right in. When Mrs. Henderson was bound in a kneeling position on the platform, the spike came up to jus below her heart and lungs. No one wanted her to pierce her heart of lungs accidentally. Susan uncharacteristically kissed the Home Ec teacher on the cheek. "Thank you," Susan said, "for coming clean about what Miss Therriault did. I really. She looked up and her eyes bore into mine. She held my gaze still sucking and frigging herself. Her eyes were questioning, begging even. I slipped my hands down under her armpits and began to pull her up. She easily stood but looked confused as I spun her around. One hand went on a hip the other on her back and I bent her over a box, pushing my erection between her legs and thrusting, asking, “Want to be fucked?”Louise straightened quickly looking around at me with a big smile on her face and.

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