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He said I am ok with it and we continued but after an hour the call was dropped and he didn’t call then.I woke up and felt too fresh that day, did m... daily routines and called him at around 11 am when mom and dad were out of the house. We talked and talked for almost 4 hours and our talks were more intimidated sexually. He turned me so on and fucked me on phone, I masturbated twice during the talk and so did he. We continued talking on the phone for some more days.It was December, and everyone. One quick thrust, and I was deep inside Ashley’s pussy. She screamed with delight and pushed back hard into my cock. Each time she pushed back and then pushed forward harder into Danielle’s pussy. I reached around for Ashley’s breasts and played with them as my cock easily hit her g-spot. Both Danielle and Ashley actually reached their climaxes together, as Danielle gripped tighter around the strap-on and Ashley’s pussy quivered and spasmed around my cock, slowing us down until I started. I actually haven’t really been on a date.”“Really?”“Yeah. This is actually the first time I’ve even been inside a girls room.”“Wow, that is incredible. I don’t mean to seem so shocked but I would have never guessed that.”As I turned on my side and faced him, my breasts flopped over inside my top and rested against the covers. I noticed he kept looking at them and then over at my thighs. I don’t blame him. I did after all feel a bit uncomfortable earlier because my outfit was a little too. At the age of 15 mum took sick so dad arranged for me to go and stay with some good friends of his at a favourite beach side town.The people weren't rich and lived in an old railway cottage ( right beside the tracks) yet still close for a quick walk down to a lovely white sandy beach.Here the waves were high but gentle but closer to the beach they would turn over and break.The family consisted of mum, dad, eldest daughter (15+) and a boy about (9).Nice friendly family and as it was holidays we.

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