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After two rounds of drinks Sunil suggested to play cards as it is Diwali tradition. We decided to play cards but not with money. I brought the cards p...ck from my bed room in the meanwhile my husband served the third round of drinks. We told our maid not to disturb us and she could go to sleep we will help ourselves. Before starting playing card we had to choose our partners and rule was that you can not choose your own wife as partner. Amit (My husband) served single card to all of us and the. He breathed in sharply as I stroked him…this was really exciting him as he was growing larger. After a few minutes of this…he moved his body over me and entered me swiftly. He began moving in and out of me so quickly, holding my hips he pulled me toward him, again my body shook hard with another orgasm. This man, Ajay was taking me to such wonderful heights of ecstasy…as he continued his quick thrusts…I felt yet another cum about to go through me. Closing my eyes, I felt his arousal…he was. So I pushed the ballgag into her mouth but it was a bit to big. But eventualy it just plopped into hermouth and was stuck. I bagen to buckle it up tightly. WhenI was done it was completely impossoble for her to get it out. Now I saw her cock and imediately got and erection. I wanted it in my ass.So I stood over her and then went down on my knees and eased the coock itno my ass. It felt so good! And hearing her groan in pleasure into the gag made me even more aroused. So I rode her cock.After a. This made her happy enough to pull off my shirt as we kissed and she began feeling my cock, which was very hard. I unbuttoned her shorts and slid my hand down, massaging her clit through her silk panties. She got very breathy, and as I felt her getting wet, she dug her fingers in to my shoulders. It hurt, because her nails were so long.I went to my room and opened my door, but my roommate was asleep and he'd already been pissed at me for hooking up with a girl while he was there in the room, so.

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