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The ground floor has three rooms and the upper floors have two rooms. There are in all the bathrooms including one that is on the corner on the terrac... of the house which is rarely used and is used only when there are many people gathered. Anyway, my brother’s marriage concluded and all relatives started leaving. My MAMI told my MAMA that she wants to remain there for some days. So few relatives were there including MAMI. I still remember that evening when MAMI asked me to repair the shower of. It was my turn to laugh. Or so I thought.The setup was exactly as I predicted it. The freshman hallway was noisy as I walked up behind Deedee. She was resplendent in an acid washed denim skirt and green V-neck sweater. She was facing Lexie, who had just seen me walking up. Her eyebrows shot up and she nodded at Deedee.I had to imagine all eyes were on us a the redhead turned around. A smile lit up her face. She took a step toward me before stopping. She let the smile evaporate from her face. I told her that I would be happy to be there when the potential buyer showed up, assuming she was comfortable giving me her address after meeting me just once. Denise thanked me for the offer and texted me her address. She said she would make us dinner.The next day I showered and shaved in preparation for our second date. As I was preparing to leave, I contemplated what the evening might bring. Denise’s house was about 40 minutes away from mine. I certainly wasn’t going to decline if she. We didn't have long to wait. The very next night, St. Louis knocked off Atlanta in their sixth game. The World Series would open -- in Baltimore -- in just two days.Well, if we had been pleased to have avoided Oakland in our own league, we'd have been even more pleased to have drawn Atlanta, instead of the Cardinals, in the World Series. Atlanta, a strong club, year in and year out, always deserved respect.But the Cardinals were a juggernaut!For years, St. Louis had fielded one of the strongest.

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