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I rented a big van and they all traveled with me. They dropped me off, saying they wanted to see the area while I talked to the Council.It was a three...hour meeting. Most were all for a program like the one I’d stumbled onto. Two were totally opposed to it for some reason.My people were waiting for me when I got through, and they took me to a soul food kitchen they’d found. I noted I was the only white face in the crowded dining room, and there was a lull in conversation when we entered. They. I did manage to salvage most of our first aid kit and bandage Bennie where he was bleeding. Splints would have to wait until I could get splints. I then strapped my ankle, which didn't make it quit hurting but did allow me to walk without as much pain. I finished giving us first aid and Bennie was still unconscious. I lay down next to him and did something I hadn't done almost since the Day. I cried. I was alone with my unconscious husband and frustrated.I woke up a little later feeling better. This meant when I had the blouse on it was really tight over my breasts, and starchymaterial. My nipples were supremely hard with the handling they were getting. Kevin attacked with his tongue, which I gratefully sucked on, whilst he , sight unseen,started undoing my buttons. I helped and there was a great deal of flesh exposed , as it wasn't the fullest-cuppedbra in the world. It was brimming with tittie. He folded down the cup and exposed an erect nipple, and leant down to fasten his mouth on. He told Laurie that she was just overdramatizing. Teenagers do that, he explained to her. "What you need is a boyfriend," he'd said. "Then you wouldn't have to make up things like this."It never would have happened that way if Laurie had come with me to DC, but her mom got custody and wanted to stay in Arizona, in that small town two hundred miles from anywhere.And I thought had to go where my career took me. If only I hadn't."Oh, I'll leave you alone," I told the girl on the other end of the.

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