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The entire room was given over to sighs, murmurs, and cries of pleasure. The slightly sweet smell of the air was soon overlaid by the odors of aroused...women and hard men. Craig kept up the stimulation of her breasts. She was sitting on his lap so he couldn't do much thrusting, but she bounced up and down, wanting to take him deeper, but kind of shivering at how intense everything felt right then. And Sandy was right. When she came, it was longer and harder than any she'd had in some time, and. I want you stripped of all your clothes and thrown into the street. I want you thrown to the guard to be used as their personal fuck toy until every single man has used your whole body as their personal spunk bucket. Then when every single Gold cloak is spent you’ll be tied to the city gates, so if by some miracle you’re upstart brother should reach Kings Landing he’ll be greeted by the new Sansa Stark...” Joffrey was now so close to Sansa his breath stung her skin like a razor as the last of. "It's very beautiful, isn't it?" She asked."Yes, it is and very old, indeed." He answered.They made their way up some old crumbling steps toward the back of it where the tall pines trees were. She took the blanket out and laid it on the ground. They sat down and she lit a candle. He uncorked the wine and poured them each a glass. She took the joint out and offered him some."I wasn't sure if you smoked or not. I only do a little and only once in a great while." Sure, I'll have some," and he took. " The other boy disengaged his mouth from the penis and looked up at Alicia whom he'd just noticed. "I'm sure I'm very sorry," was all Alicia could say. The two boys sat up, visibly annoyed by having been interrupted in their play. I was wondering," Alicia said very politely, "which is the best way out of this wood: it's getting so dark. Would you tell me, please?" The two boys giggled, and the one who had been sucking his friend's penis grasped it firmly in his hand and started pulling it.

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