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Hell it might be permanent. I want to experience as much of being a man as I can while I can. Why don't you do the same? You are a drop dead gorgeous ...nd sexy woman. You are so much prettier than I was, and those tits. Yours are natural and you know I had implants. Enjoy it while you can!" she said trying to cheer me up. I had to admit that she had a point. Who knows if I would ever have a chance to find out what life as a woman would be like."I guess you are right Kristy. It is a once in a. I was in real shock that I was just looking at the message for quite some minutes without any reaction. My conscious kicked-in all of a sudden and with sweat all around my fore-head, I forwarded that message to my mobile. I replaced the mobile at the same spot and came back to my room. I was in a much tensed state. I couldn’t realize what was going on.After a couple of minutes, she came from kitchen, gave me a cup of coffee. I tried my best to be normal but of course, a mom knows what it is.. She was a good distance from the big pond, although not that far if her mother is around here somewhere.We really had no idea how old she might be, since the natives on the continent are all very small, themselves. They’re also nearly 500 earth-miles away and in all of our checking, we had never seen anything resembling a boat.Linda offered her breast to the infant and she took it willingly and very hungrily. “Yeow.” Linda yelped, “This little munchkin bit me. Stop that or you won’t be getting. Big, you know?" She smiled again, and I see a distant sort of hunger in her eyes. "I wonder .. I haven't seen him hard in quite a while, I wonder how big he really is now?"She paused and I saw her tongue dart out to lick her lips, as she collected her thoughts."Well anyway .. I need to take it a little further, make sure that if he does have any interest in sex that he's comfortable and confident in expressing it. So .. he's going to watch while we make out naked right here in bed, while you.

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